Configuring BIDI / Arabic / Hebrew Reports in 11g R2 – REP-56048: Engine rwEng-0 crashed

Recently I have been getting MANY frustrated inquiries regarding how to properly configure Hebrew / Arabic / BIDI reports for Forms/Reports 11g R2.

In general I get 2 types of errors from customers when running with Hebrew reports:

Firstly,  instead of seeing Hebrew / Arabic characters when a report is run they see various symbols @#!$%^&*.  When this happens most people decide to replace the uifont.ali file that comes with Reports 11g R2 with the uifont.ali file that supported BIDI characters from 10g systems. Once they do this replacement they get the second error which is error message REP-56048: Engine rwEng-0 crashed and the report server crashes when they run a Report containing Hebrew characters.

After see many SR’s on the subject I decided I would write a handy whitepaper for you all on how to configure Hebrew reports on 11g R2 with ease.

The guide to Hebrew reports for Windows can be downloaded here

I know developers have been getting similar errors running Arabic reports so this may help them as well. If it works for Arabic please let me know in the comments section. Thanks

Lessons Learned From Upgrading to Oracle Forms 11g R2 on WebLogic !

You may have heard the rumors about upgrading to Forms 11g R2. How all you need is a quick recompile of your 10g forms. I of course was skeptical since I’ve heard rumors like this before… “It’s just a minor upgrade”,  “Just run the migration wizard and you’re done”  :)

This time I can happily report that it is TRUE.

Last week we successfully upgraded about 700 forms to 11g R2 in about a WEEK including all installs and infrastructure configuring.

I installed Weblogic and Forms 11g R2 standalone (Installs to download here) on a VM machine of Windows 2008 R2 – 64 bit (See post for how to do the installation) and recompiled our Forms application. I completed all installations, configuration of files, registry editing, signing of the jar files, HEBREW SUPPORT configuration :) and upgraded the 10g application. The whole deal took about 1.5 days and only because I ran into a silly bug. (which I tell you how to avoid in this post)

In general the only issues we ran into while compiling and upgrading the Forms were “nit picky”. 10g did not really care if we had a piece of code that was not supported on the web or small inconsistencies in the code . Now forms 11g gets aggressive. Continue reading

Oracle Forms is Alive and Kicking! Oracle Forms Modernization Day

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of running the Oracle Forms user group conference. It all started when Grant Ronald (Oracle Forms and JDeveloper product manager) and I got to talking at Open World 2011. We were saying how Oracle Forms developers are a huge community but  the forgotten people. Every Oracle conference of recent years has been filled with sessions on ADF, SOA, APEX, BPEL and all other 3 letter curse words (OOPS  I mean buzz words). But for the past few years Forms has dropped off the “session titles” map.

Well we decided then and there to make a conference specifically geared to the Oracle Forms developers community. With the help of Eyal Shani, CTO of Oracle Israel and Ami Aharonovitch, head of the Israel Oracle User Group (our heroes), we set out to prove that the Forms development community is a force to be reckoned with.

And rest assured, there were plenty of nay sayers:  “No one still develops in forms”,  “You won’t get more than 50 people” – Sound familiar? Well, this Tuesday, I got to say those three precious words: “TOLD YOU SO! ” With nearly 200  developers who attended, the event was a rousing success. Continue reading

Oracle RUEI for Oracle Forms 11g R2 : The good, the not so bad, and less ugly than before

I was VERY happy to get feedback from Jurgen de Leijer product management director, responsible for Oracle Real User experience Insight (RUEI) on my post  “Oracle Forms 11g R 2 RUEI – Real User Experience Insight – The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. He was (not surprisingly) less than happy about my bad and ugly sections and gave some great feedback and information on RUEI. It was so great in fact that I decided to write this follow up, mini retraction and request for further clarification.

Jurgen starts by saying that

“RUEI is not a part of Oracle Forms 11R2 but part of the Application Performance Management features of Enterprise Manager.Continue reading

Fixing running Oracle Reports from a menu item in Forms during upgrade

You may find that when you upgrade your forms application from client server. The reports you have that are run from the menu bar have stopped working. This is due to the change from using RUN_PRODUCT to using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT() built-in.

In order to use the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT() built-in you need to have a report object in the form from which you want to call the report. If you need to add a report object across the board you can checkout some past posts for how to do form manipulations in patch either using JDAPI or Form to XML functionality. Full details of the solution is found in the below document.


More code snippets: JDAPI: change Font for all Items, Prompts, Boilerplates, Frames

Its me again with more code samples to help batch upgrade for your application.

If my previous posts of how to convert the system to XML pages to then do manipulations in notepad was not for you. This is a different route to solve the same problems. Here is sample code of a java api that can manipulate forms in batch and change the font for all items.
NOTE:219168.1 – How To Change Fonts For All Items in a Form Module using JDAPI
Metalink is full of these little gems if you know where to look.
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We’ve got many more code snippets & tricks coming up!

Oracle Forms 11g R 2 RUEI – Real User Experience Insight – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

So I have been asked to evaluate a new feature of Oracle Forms 11g R2  called Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) by one of my clients.  Since I didn’t find much to go on I thought I’d share my findings with the Oracle Forms community.

Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) support is a new feature of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R2 that supposedly provides non-intrusive Oracle Forms system monitoring. In the newest version of Oracle Forms the Oracle development team have provided new arguments to the forms MESSAGE built-in, and environment to allow application developers to define their own messages to communicate with the RUEI server.

While on the surface this sounded great. What form users have not looked for a monitoring solution in the past 5 years. I set out to investigate what exactly this means for forms users and report my findings in this post called  “The good the bad and the ugly”. Continue reading

ilOUG and Oracle Developers Day Jan 24, 2012 – Don’t Miss It !

I am very excited to invite you all to a incredible event.

As we all know its been a while since Oracle Israel has addressed the Oracle development community. Every year we all look at Oracle Week and other conference and feel left out of the party since no sessions address Oracle Forms developer. I vowed to change this last year when I took over the Israeli User Group forum for Oracle Forms and Reports. And this year Eyal Shani CTO of Oracle Israel and Grant Ronald product manager of Oracle development tools have come together to help me bring power back to the Oracle development community.
Oracle Israel has taken it upon themselves as a mission this year to help all customers upgrade to Oracle Forms 10-11g. And they are already putting money where there promises are. They are sponsoring this one of a kind event at the Herods Hotel in Tel-Aviv on Jan 24, 2012 and brining in the world expert on Oracle Forms to talk to us and share future visions for the Oracle developer community. Continue reading

Pluggable Java Components & Java Beans’ library

Although I know that every forms developer whose ever moved to the web probably knows about this blog I could not imagine having a blog without a link to this incredible resource.

It is a one stop shop for every and all PJC’s and java beans with great how to documents on how they can be implemented in your forms. I myself go into the blog about every 2 weeks just to checkout the cool new java beans available.

Webutil Developer Install Guide Made Easy

This is a handy note on how to attach webutil in you applications. Although it looks simple follow the steps in order since something as silly as the order object appear can give really scary error messages.

Comment if you have any questions :)