Quick Tips for Installing Forms 11g R2 – Shopping List of Technologies You Will Need

Sometimes wanting to install an Oracle Forms version seems like it should be a simple enough procedure.
1) Download the technology
2) Install it
3) Some basic configuration to personalize it to your system and Voila!

But with the newest version of Oracle Forms 11g R2 just to download the software it feels like you need a guidebook. The version of each component are VERY specific. AND … Do not try to be smart and choose the latest versions of the products! All versions must be the same one listed here below TRUST ME

For the Forms 11g R2 installation on 64 bit Windows 2008 R2 you will need:

1) Jdk 1.6 (should also come with Jre )
Windows x64 69.58 MB jdk-6u30-windows-x64.exe

2) WebLogic Server with 64-bit JVM’s you need to use the WebLogic Server generic installer listed under “Additional Platforms”. These generic installers do not include a JVM/JDK.

Download Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5) + Coherence – Package Installer
Additional Platforms (For 64-bit JVM Support, See Note Above) – Generic: 1 GB

3) Download Oracle Forms and Reports 11g Release 2 – Windows 64

4) Download Jacob – You will need this to configure Webutil for Microsoft compatibility after the installation is complete – Jacob version

For Forms 11gR1 (11.1.1.x) you must use jacob 1.10.1.
For Forms 11gR2 (11.1.2.X) you must use jacob. 1.14.3.

Optional: Notepad++ – http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v5.9.8.html

Any questions? No problem just let me know.

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61 comments on “Quick Tips for Installing Forms 11g R2 – Shopping List of Technologies You Will Need

  1. Hi, you make it sound simple wish it was, any ways I am trying to install following for the past month with out any success

    Windows 2008 R2 (64)

    Initially I was faced with
    Step Executing: opmnctl startproc ias-coomponent=ReptSvr_WIN-Q9CMS0Z6OC_asinst_failed
    Configuration Action ‘Executing: opmnctl startproc ias-component=RptSvr_WIN-Q9CMCS0Z6OC_’has failed. Please check log for details

    for both 32 and 64 bits was giving this error and by using generic I was able overcome this and get the thing installed but the problem is hen I do a reboot weblogic would not come up. I can manually start the Wlogic but then again Forms would not comeup

    Any idea, appreciate your help

    Thanks and Regards

    • The problem you had installing on 64 bit sounds like you may have run into a bug.
      Ensure your PATH environment variable does not contain any spaces.

      For example “Program Files (x86)”
      FR 11.1.2 will not configure on 64bit windows if there are spaces in the path
      variable The AdminServer will not start if there is an (x86) in the PATH environment
      variable; it could not parse beyond the (x86) point.

      You can test after you have installed Weblogic and Forms installation by
      running in cmd:

      If you get the result “_______________” was unexpected at this time.”
      It means you have a space in your path variable.

      I will be posting my 64bit windows install guide tomorrow.
      The fact that the forms server and weblogic do not start up automatically upon server reboot is not really an bug but a feature :)
      In Forms 11g R2 windows services are not automatically created for components. So they need to be started by the command scripts manually.


      You can checkout this note:
      How to Install MS Windows Services For FMW 11g WebLogic Domain Admin and Managed Servers? [ID 1060058.1]
      to create the services and then forms and weblogic will automatically start up when the server is restarted.

  2. Hello Mia,

    I have just a small question related to installation, but related to the client (developer) side, a little bit one of an “old-comer”:

    As far as we knew, the Oracle Forms10g developer suite cannot be installed on a Windows7 machine, it works only on Windows XP.
    However, I read on a web site that they have installed even Forms6i on Windows7 successfully, so I would like to know what is the truth about Forms10g, do I need a virtual XP over the Windows7 or it can however be installed directly on the machine and, if yes, whether there are any special actions/settings that should be applied.

    I ask because our upgrade to Forms11g seems a little bit far at this moment.

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel
    ZIM – Haifa

    • we have successfully installed Forms 10g in windows 7. Follow steps provided in oracle doc 1292919.1 and then Apply patch 7047034.Although it is a DB patch bundle it needs to be applied onto the ORACLE_HOME of Developer Suite to update the DB Client of the Forms-Reports installation.


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  4. Hi!

    Did You install Forms 11gr2 with Oracle Access Manager?
    Because i cant install the forms with OAM. In the “access controll” step, the forms install can’t find the oam, and i don’t know why….

    Regards, Jani

  5. Hi Mia!

    I have installed a weblogic 10.3.5, an OID, and an Oracle Access manager
    OID and OAM are in a same domain.
    The Error is in this step:

    The weblogic and the OAM server are running, but i can’t connect to OAM. The error message is:
    INST-07539: Could not retrieve OAM information with the given credentials.
    Verify the credentials. Make sure that hostname, port and password are correct

    What can be a problem?

    Regards, Jani

    • Hi Jani,
      Did you find a solution for your problem : are you still trying to install F&R 11gR2 with OID and OAM or did you went to F&R11gR1 ? If so, could you please ensure that there is no problem during the installation of F&R11g R1 with OID and OAM ? I’ve searched on support.oracle.com and it seems that your (and my) issue is an Oracle bug : Bug 14053429 : FORMS UNABLE TO CONNECT TO OAM


      • If i don’t use the jreLok property, it is working fine. It is Important thing yet, the OAM RREG does not work with JDK 7!
        Regards, Jani

  6. I have a Windows Vista 32-bit machine. I have installed Weblogic Server 10.3.5 and Forms & Reports 11.2 R2. Weblogic installation completed without domain creation (as per installation ‘readme ‘.) However on installing the Forms Reports , Doman creation is successful, then i get the error “ASInstance creation failed. Abort-Retry-Ignore”. I have retried continuing by “ignoring”, then again by de-installing and reinstalling 4 times with no sucess, even with Windows firewall turned off. Now every time it re-ininstalled, I had to create a new asinstance name. Then I learnt to delete the Windows service for old AS_instance. But it still gives the errors:
    1) Swap memory : nil ; required :500MB
    2) ASInstance creation failed

    I am a finance guy with no knowledge of networking/Windows components. I am literally at my wits end.

    • Hi Dipak,

      Firstly if it says you require 500mb of swap space please check that you have that amount of swap configured.
      You can use this note to see how to add a customized swap size: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Change-the-size-of-virtual-memory
      If your swap amount is configured properly then check the log files in /diagnostics/logs/OPMN/opmn. (Note that there may not be log files yet). They may have more information.

      If not also try to start opmn manually : /bin/opmnctl start – this might give an error which can be used for diagnostics.
      Feel free to send me the errors and log files and I will try to help you out.


  7. We have forms 11gr2runnings/reports but webutil is not working.

    -place dll in proper folders
    -sign the jacob 1.14.3 successfully
    when we run our main form that has a simple webutil_file_transfer.AS_to_Client(‘C:\temp\saad.pdf’, ‘c:\temp2\saad.pdf’)
    we get an error “file transfer bean not found webutil_file_transfer.getmaxtransfer will not work.
    tried registry webutil functions…no webutil function seems to work.

    we used to get hangs..or..signing problems then we moved the jacob.jar in front of frmall.jar in the formsweb.cfg
    and helped….We have no errors in the jre logs
    stuck!!!!!!! please help

  8. Mia, thank you this valuable information. This is quite generous of you. I am having trouble completing my installation: Windows 7 Pro, 64Bit O/S. I followed your guide to the letter. My 1st ‘Configure Classic Instance’ got hung because of spaces and open parens in Path. After removing these from system variable Path, my config is now hanging at ‘Restarting AdminServer’. I made the test you suggested by trying to startweblogic.cmd. This hangs at:

    (leaving most of the batch command text out)

    Any suggestions?

  9. I think the message fragment that I posted last, was stripped out because of the angled brackets (suspected HTML). OK, here it is without the angled brackets…

    [Jul 18] [Info] [WebLogicServer] [BEA-000377]
    [Starting Web
    Logic Server with Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM Version 20.5-b03 from Sun Mi
    crosystems Inc.]
    [Jul 18] [Info] [Management] [BEA-141281] [unable to get file lock, will retry …]
    [Jul 18] [Info] [Management] [BEA-141281] [unable to get file lock, will retry …]
    [Jul 18] [Info] [Management] [BEA-141281] [unable to get file lock, will retry …]
    [Jul 18] [Info] [Management] [BEA-141281] [unable to get file lock, will retry …]


    • Hi Jesse,

      It looks like the server is already started.
      Could that be?

      “unable to get file lock, will retry”
      Usually a file lock error means that that a started process is locking the files.


  10. Mia, it could be the server has already started. How can I verify that? My ‘Configure Classic Instance’ is spending a loooong time at ‘Restarting AdminServer’. So, I am not sure how to proceed. Should I shutdown the JVM and delete the ‘lok’ file and restart?

      • I deleted the domain folder and started the ‘Config Classic Inst’. Same results (hangs ‘Restarting AdminServer’). This time I looked at the log file. The last activity (bottom of the file) show this:

        Executing Task: Restarting AdminServer
        XXX: adding task: oracle.as.install.classic.ca.standard.DomainRestartTask
        AdminServer port is 7001
        trying to connect to SVR-WIN7A.home 7001
        getDomainRuntimeMBeanServerConnection …
        Connecting to Domain runtime …
        trying to connect to SVR-WIN7A.home 7001
        Successfully connected to the Domain Runtime …
        trying to connect to SVR-WIN7A.home 7001
        MBean Server Connection is :javax.management.remote.rmi.RMIConnector$RemoteMBeanServerConnection@61422dd9
        Stopping AdminServer
        Stopping the domain …
        ASDomain.getMBeanServerConnection …
        ASDomain.getMBeanServerConnection …
        Stopping Weblogic Server…
        Error occurred during initialization of VM
        Could not reserve enough space for object heap
        Stopping Derby Server…

        This machine has 4GB of RAM. Enough memory? Hmmm…I have not been able to locate the installation requirements…

  11. OK. I was able to get past this issue. I am not sure what the solution was: I made two changes (bad idea for a ‘controlled’ experiment): 1. I shutdown the OracleXE database processes – a) Service and b) TNS Listener 2. I added a parameter in the Java Console -d64 to make sure it was running the 64bit version. No expert on JVM so not sure if this really had any impact. Nothing else changed. Thank you Mia for all your help.

  12. Can any body tell me what need to be licensed for deploying form/reports 11g as oracle sales are them selves confused help required thanks

    • Hi Saro,

      In general I am not allowed or approved to give price quotes for Oracle technologies. You must speak to a saleman for that but what I know is.
      1) If you are doing an IAS Enterprise Edition upgrade from version 10g to 11g without any additional functionality. Meaning you are only upgrading the version of the forms system but NOT using ADF, Java, monitoring functionailty and other advanced features of weblogic etc.. you do not have to purchase any new licenses.
      2) If you want to upgrade and add functionality listed above you must pruchase a weblogic license.


    • Hi Surya,

      Jacob.jar is a jar file needed if you are using webutil. The Oracle Forms library that enables client side manipulations from Oracle Forms. Specifically the Jacob.jar handle the connection between java and microsoft products such as excel and word.

      Good Luck,


  13. Hi. I’m looking for the patchset for upgrading my FMW to FMW 11.1.2, but I don’t find it in My Oracle Support. It exists and which is the patch number? Thank you.

  14. i installed 11g forms successfully on xp3.then i start the form builder.then i create a data block and i run that form.but i cannot see that result in browser.can you help me

  15. i am also got the error like ASinstance failure during installation.for that i configured the loop pack adapter then its ok..

  16. I have installed the forms 11g R2 on Oracle Linux and every thing went perfect but when we try to connect the application through the application URL it’s give error show unable to establish connection to the database. but when we compile the form ,library & reports not give any message and compile successfully. It seems that when Log-on trigger is not working properly because we connect the other form directly from the url specifying form name,userid and other parameter it’s working fine and able to see the data.
    if you anybody provide any hit’s or solution on it most welcome.

    • The TNSnames file used for development is in a different location then the TNSNames file for runtime.
      Make sure the tnsnames file is located either

      1) Where TNS_ADMIN in the registry or env variables points too
      2) The default is \config for example e:\\oracle\middleware\FRMInst\config


  17. Hi there. The 32-bit 1.6 JDK seems to be packaged with the 64-bit Weblogic Generic JAR file. Why do I get the following error during 11.1.2 Forms & Reports setup? Weblogic was started with a 64-bit 1.7 JDK in a 64-bit Windows 2008 R2.
    INST-07408: Unable to install or configure the product on a 32-bit JVM on a 64-bit machine

    • Hi Steve,

      You should check
      1) Which JDK does you Java_home environment variable point to
      2) Which JDK appears first in the PATH env variable
      3) Did you install a 64 bit JDK and use it as the installation base version as I wrote in note : https://oracleformsinfo.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/tips-and-tricks-the-dummies-guide-to-installing-oracle-forms-11g-r2-on-64-bit/

      2) Before you begin make sure you install the JDK 1.6 for 64 bit – Yes I said JDK not JRE.
      You should have downloaded it in step 1 above.
      If you install JRE instead of JDK by mistake you will have trouble during the installation when it tries to find your java home.

      Once the JDK is installed add the path where you installed it to the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables of you system. In any case I suggest that in the cmd window before you run the weblogic install jar you run the command. For example:
      set JAVA_HOME=D:\Oracle\Java\

      Good Luck!


  18. hi ,i tried to follow the steps and while instlaling oracle forms and reports i am getting the following error..

    INST-07408:unable to install or configure the product on a 32 bit jvm on a 64 bit machine

    please help me out…

  19. Hi, I did everything before like you said above. When trying to install WLS_10.3.5 generic using java.jar I got the message: ein schwerwiegender Fehler ist aufgetreten. Die Andwendung wird beendet.

    The message come up after confirming the prompt when selecting the Installation directories for the middleware.

  20. O.K. Now i downloaded Oracle’s Recommendation and tried following:
    My OS is win2008 r2 sp2 64-bit

    Installed JDK: jdk-6u30-windows-x64 to d:\oracle\java
    set Environment Variable JAVA_HOME to d:\oracle\java
    added d:\oracle\java\bin to Windows path variable
    java -version shows
    java version “1.6.0_30″
    java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (built 1.6.0_30-b12)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (built 20.5-b03, mixed mode)
    Installed WLS1036_generic using command:
    java -jar d:\wls1036_generic.jar
    not error occured
    tried to install ofm_frmrpts_win_11.

    The Installation aborted at Oracle_Home Createion with error message:
    INST-07408: unable to install or configure the product on a 32 bit jvm on a 64 bit machine

    What did I wrong ? Everything is 64-bit. Do you think, the JDK installation failed ?
    Any help is appreciated very much.

  21. i want to install oracle forms and report builder 11g in ubuntu12.04.but it is not installing giving an error
    Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2014-02-26_02-56-02PM. Please wait …The Java RunTime Environment was not found at /tmp/OraInstall2014-02-26_02-56-02PM/jdk/jre/bin/java. Hence, the Oracle Universal Installer cannot be run.

    please give your suggestion.

    • Have you installed the JDK to you machine ? If you did then before the installation you need to point the installer to where it is located by using the JAVA_HOME env variable

  22. Hi,

    While configuring Forms and Reports on Windows/Linux facing the same problem:
    Step executing: opmnctl startproc ias component=RptSvr_0HW182850_asinst_1_failed.

    Please help in resolving the issue.
    Thanks in advance and waiting response from your end.

    • Hi,

      This can mean several things.
      1) It can mean the service is already up so it can not start it
      2) It can be a privileges issue
      3) It can be another Weblogic issue

      The best is if you can look at the log file for more information and send the error message

  23. Please I’m runnin Server 2012 64bits, jrockit-jdk 1.6.0_45 & also jdk1.6.0_37. I successfully installed weblogic wls1036_generic.jar & wls1035_generic.jar but I keep getting operating system error during prerequisites check when I tried installing Oracle Forms version & My OS is activated. When I continue the installation, everything seems okay until I try running my reports and it gives “Unable to Connect to report Server” error. I hav replicated a similar installation on windows 7 x64 and everything works perfectly. Please what am I doing wrong??

    • Hi Obie,

      What is the exact error you are getting ” operating system error” and “Unable to Connect to report Server”
      Please send the full error messages you receive as well as the error lines from the log files.
      But your best best is to contact Oracle support for these types of issues.



      • Dear Mia,

        Many Thanks for your response.

        The error I get during prerequisite check is “Check Complete: the overall result of this check is: Not Executed”….But it provides and option to continue the installation.
        After the installation, I get “Unable to run reports”, I don’t know if it has to do with the earlier OS warning I got…..Many Thanks

  24. Hello,
    I stumbled across this page when trying to find how to run a Forms11 Form in a web browser. However, since I see many people have trouble with installing this most awkward product, I’ll post some of my experiences. Mind you, I have a Service Request still open with Oracle, but to save you the trouble a lot of documentation is so scattered around and inaccurate it’s worth point out some key facts. The Server installation is pretty much ok. However the PC development is a real challenge and does require some Windows admin specific preparations. Please not my comments relate to a work environment where I have access to the Internet via a proxy server.

    As for my windows, I currently have Windows 7 32-bit, so some of my comments will not relate to Forms11 on a 64.bit machine.

    Here are my bits:

    1) This is the official response from an Oracle engineer:
    “Windows 7 is supported for single user only in a development environment.
    In order to install Oracle Forms and Reports or use the Oracle Forms and Reports Builders after installation, the operating system user must have Windows “Administrator” privileges.
    Although the current user may have Windows “Administrator” privileges, if they are not the installation owner, the Windows UAC settings may need to be relaxed.
    The domain user must be listed as a member in the local administrators for a machine and UAC settings may need to be relaxed to be able to work with Forms & Reports.”

    End quote. Next comments below.

    2) Because the weblogic Forms11 installer does not like DHCP for your PC you must first install the Windows loopback adapter. This is where Oracle tells you how to do it:

    However, in a work environment ask your network admin for an known to him IP address you can use, it must somehow exist, it cannot be the same address you get by default once the loopback adapter is installed. You will then use that IP address in your Windows hosts file.

    3) Still back to point 1), when you are behind a proxy for some reason the F11 installer is still trying to get to the Internet. Don’t ask me why, I gave up asking Oracle about it. When running the installer as a local Admin you will be prompted to provide your Proxy credentials. You may succeed, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. What I suggest is to login to your domain account from where you have access to the Internet and launch the F11 installer with “Run As Administrator” option. The F11 configuration manager should finish in 15 minutes without any issues.

    I can only assume if you are at home you are free to give yourself Admin rights. You will probably have some kind of broadband and you PC IP address will probably be like or That you can use.

    4) Launching Forms 11 Builder – when logged in as local Admin you will not have any problems. However you will fail running the Forms Builder as a regular user. Refer to point 1) again. If you don’t want to grant admin privileges to the user (in many work places your Windows admin will simply say NO), then try browsing to your Oracle Home. When you click, Windows 7 will say you do not have access to the folder, however when you press continue, you will be able to give your admin account login and password and once you have access to your Oracle Home folder you will be able to launch Forms Builder.

    5) When trying to open a library .pll file with Form Builder it will crash. If you installed Forms you will need to apply a patch from an earlier version 10350787 (32 bit Windows)

    Now, to my questions. Has anyone managed to run a form in the web browser?
    These are my comments on the Oracle web site:


  25. I am trying to install oracle forms and reports 11g release 2 ( My environment is as follows :
    -Windows 7 professional version 6.1 (build 7600) 64bit
    -Oracle 11g Database
    -jdk1.6.0_35 64bit
    -Zip Distribution for Oracle WebLogic Server 64 bit
    -Oracle forms & reports 11g release 2 ( 64 bit

    Although above configuration meets the certification matrix for forms 11g release 2 but on every attempt I get an error “inst-07407: unable to detect machine platform or jvm bits”. I have tried several versions of JDK but problem is same. my weblogic server is configured and executing successfully. Please help.

  26. Hi friends,,
    I installed 1 to 3 succesfully on a Win 2008 Srver R2 – 64 Bit
    1) JDK 1.7
    2) Oracle Database 11g
    3) weblogic 1.3.6 (using wls1036_generic.jar installation)

    I am stuck on the last step (Configure Classic Instance) after installing Oracle Forms and Reports 11g Release 2 – (
    The error: The step creating domain failed.

    yes, I installed my JDK in (a folder having space) C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_60

    What should I do now? Any help? I am disappointed. Is this error because of the spave in the JDK installation folder? If only, I had seen this blog before installing the JDK.

    Thanks in advance,

  27. Thank you, (Mia?)! This post was a HUGE help in troubleshooting the the installation I was working on! With some helpful hints from several other web postings around the web, I was able to adapt and successfully install Discoverer and Forms & Reports on 64 bit Windows 7. A “dummies'” guide was nice but, for us Oracle “Sub-dummies”, I put together a “Neanderthal” version for our group so someone else won’t have to spend the time that I did! I noticed that a some of the problems people were having with errors like the Apache Server problem and blank test page (like I had) disappeared with a fresh Windows Image- (at least on mine)- just sayin’.

  28. Hi friends,
    I have installed and configured weblogic 1.3.6 and Dev Suite 11g R2
    on a Win 2008 Server R2 – 64 Bit

    I am able to start Web Logic Admin Server and Web logic Server WLS-FORMS

    Now I am trying to run my first form but the Run-Form-Debug and the Run-Form are not running the form on the web browser.

    The web browser (I am using chrome) is throwing the following error:
    This webpage is not available

    The webpage at http://localhost:64149/0FnRww3uo4SiIouZTxiXINc5zOJSwJzWDSlz4WrvNnrNruka might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error code: ERR_ACCESS_DENIED

    Note that the test form is running fine on http://:9001/forms/frmservlet

    Please help. It is very disappointing not able to run a form after a huge exercise of installing all the required successfully.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mazhar,

      To use the new server from your Forms builder buttons. You will need to go to the Forms developer menu to Edit -> Preferences and there it asks you for the URL of the server. Here you put the URL of the new server you have set up. It should then use this URL when running Forms from the builder.



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