Oracle Forms Performance Monitoring is Now a Two Horse Race – Free Webinar

Well it seems that things have begun heating up in the Oracle Forms monitoring world. In only one year we went from no real-end-user performance monitoring tools for Oracle Forms to two Oracle Real User Experience Insight – RUEI and Monitor. Its great to see more monitoring tools are starting to cater to the unique needs of Oracle Forms system administrators with comprehensive solutions. I have written posts recently on the new features in Oracle Forms 11g R2 that support RUEI. My posts have apparently caused some noise and made me a sort of forms monitoring celebrity. :)  I guess that’s why I was asked to make a guest appearance in a webinar on March 27 called “Five Keys for Performance Management of Oracle Forms and E-Business Suite.”

In the webinar, I will drill down into all things we must consider when looking for a performance monitoring solution and the unique challenges that exist for monitoring forms systems. I’m happy to see more companies providing smart solutions for Oracle Forms based systems.

If you want to join us register here.


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3 comments on “Oracle Forms Performance Monitoring is Now a Two Horse Race – Free Webinar

  1. I’m a contractor upgrading forms6i to 10g. they do need a performance monitoring tool as we have 500 users and that it is going to double. most users open at least 2 forms sessions. we are having database performance issues right now with 9 Oracle engineers working on it.
    BTW: All of the posts I have found on ‘How to Close a Browser window after exiting an Oracle Form-10g’ have not worked. I get the brower window with the html code displayed but nothing happens. Any ideas would be much appreciated. David Sellers

    • Hi David,

      Regarding more information aboiut Oracle Forms monitoring tools.
      I will refer you to Corellsense

      They really do have a full end-to-end Forms to DB applications transaction monitoring tool.

      As for the close.html problem. If you see the html code it is probable either
      1) The close.htm has a HTML code syntax problem. Copy the HTML code as is and ensure the file is called closed.html
      2) The way you call the HTML page from forms has an error. It should be done by using web.show_document and make sure you call the HTML page from a virtual directory.
      3) Make sure that the suffix of the file is REALLY HTM or HTML some time notepad saves files as txt even if the file name is close.html

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