Adding a virtual directory (Alias) in Oracle Form 11g

I get this question all the time since for Oracle Forms applications we usually need at least an icons virtual directory and most of the time one for flat files or excel files as well. Here is a step by step how to create a virtual directory in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R2 – Meaning Oracle Forms 11g R2.

1.)    Sign in to the Enterprise Manager console screen:

http://<server name>.<>:7001/em


2.)    Go to Administration > Server configuration:


3.)    Add Row to the Aliases section:


4.)    Add Row for the virtual directory you wish to create for example:

URL Path = /excels/
File Path = d:\apps\excel/

Please note: The / \ directions must be as written above.

Click on Apply, and restart the OHS.

I hope this helps everyone – Comment if you need help!


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4 comments on “Adding a virtual directory (Alias) in Oracle Form 11g

  1. This is very good information,Still in my case i have slightly diffrent situvation ,i have done all respected changes but still my reports are not working when i try using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT FRM-41214 error.

    • Hi Najeeb,

      Running reports is not done through a virtual directory. To run reports you must have a working Oracle Reports server and call the specific report server from Forms.
      The error you got in forms means it is unable to locate the report server not the files.

  2. For linux if my path is like this: /test_folder/report/ do i put a trailing backward slash instead? like /test_report/report\

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