Load Balancer for Oracle Forms

While most of us think that  no one at Oracle is really paying attention to all us Oracle Forms folks, we have been proven  wrong. Here is a great example of how Oracle Principal Product Manager, Michael Ferrante, is getting us new features and functionality for our beloved product. Oracle Forms 11g now has support for  Oracle Traffic Director (OTD).  OTD is a layer-7 software load balancer that works quickly and reliably that can be setup as an entry point for all HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP traffic to app and web servers.  The Oracle Traffic Director has the ability to distribute requests from clients to servers through standard load-balancing methods.  It then routes the requests based on pre-specified rules, caches data, prioritizes all traffic and controls the quality of service provided.   This is a welcome addition since many Forms users has suffered in the past from Oracle Web Cache performance issues. To find out more about this new feature read the full OTD whitepaper from Oracle.

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3 comments on “Load Balancer for Oracle Forms

  1. While this is nice, it does not help many customers since OTD is only supported on Oracle Engineered systems, eg. Exalogic, ODA. Sounds like OTD is a fine product so it very strange that Oracle that Oracle has chosen this path.
    Regards Peter Lorenzen

    • Peter, thank you for the feedback. You are correct. At this time OTD is currently only certified with ExaLogic. It was decided to publish the paper because of increasing demand from customers using Oracle Forms on ExaLogic that wanted to use it with OTD. Whether or not OTD will be available on other platforms in the future, I can’t say. But, I’m sure if customer interest for OTD on other platforms increased, the OTD Product Management team likely would consider investigating such availability.

      If OTD was available on your organization’s platform, would you/they be interested? If so, what is the platform?

      Oracle Product Management – Oracle Forms

  2. Thanks Michael,
    I am no expert in this but as far as I know, you have two options for putting something in front of a WebLogic cluster, either the Web Server plug-in or a hardware load balancer. The plug-in is rather rudimentary and hardware is expensive. OTD sounds like a good fit somewhere between the two. We would like to use it on Linux, so the software is already available for download; it is just not supported/priced.
    Regards Peter

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